Unpacking ServiceM8's October 2023 Update

Simplifying Business Like Never Before

Posted by Josh Sullivan on 10/21/2023

Today, I'm diving deep into something that has caught my attention — and it's a game-changer for small business owners out there. ServiceM8 just dropped their October 2023 update, and I'm genuinely impressed. For those of us who aren't exactly "tech gurus" but still want the latest tools to make our business lives easier, this update is pure gold. Let's unpack these features together!

Next-Gen Proposals:

Let's start strong. Instead of those old-school quotes that leave clients scratching their heads, ServiceM8's proposals are detailed, clear, and give clients the choices they crave. Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails trying to explain every line item.

Credit Card Surcharge Magic:

Processing fees? Not on your client's tab anymore. Now you can either pass on that fee or set a friendly threshold. It’s all about options!

The End of Tedious Quoting & Invoicing:

Imagine getting a draft of your work and materials list in mere seconds. Yep, it's not a dream. This one's going to be a real time-saver.

ServiceM8 Chat – Your New Best Friend:

Move over, Siri and Alexa! There's a new voice assistant in town. Find out job details or get queries answered, all hands-free. Driving and want to know your next appointment? Just ask!

Inboxes We Deserve:

Managing messages, whether it’s emails or in-app chats, just became a whole lot prettier and more functional. It's like the inbox glow-up we didn’t know we needed.

Always Know What's Up with Live Activities:

Whether you're in-between tasks or grabbing a quick coffee, you can quickly glance at your ongoing job status. How's that for staying on top of things?

Organized Taskmasters, Rejoice with Multiple Checklists:

Categorize job tasks room-by-room or stage-by-stage. Imagine a checklist titled "Kitchen:” and then diving into all those details. So satisfying!

Videos That Speak to You:

Shoot a video, describe what’s happening, and ServiceM8 transcribes it. Perfect for those who’d rather talk than type.

3D Room Scans Go Next-Level:

Those 3D room layouts are back with added flair! Now you can annotate, measure, and even generate floor plans. Interior design enthusiasts, are we thrilled?

PDFs Just Got Interactive:

Client sends over a PDF to fill? No sweat. Fill, sign, or doodle directly on it without ever leaving ServiceM8.

Writing? Make it Automatic:

Let's be honest; drafting descriptions or emails isn't always fun. Now, let ServiceM8 do the heavy lifting.

Phone Calls Just Got Smarter:

Ever wish you could remember that one crucial thing a client said on the phone? With improved transcriptions, you won't miss a beat.

Digging Deeper with Online Queries:

Sometimes, online inquiries can be vague. Now, ServiceM8’s got your back, nudging clients to offer more info, making your life simpler.

Enhanced Work Order Scans:

Got a PDF work order? Scan it, and let ServiceM8 extract all the essential details. Neat, right?

ServiceM8’s Got Suggestions:

From smarter booking times based on past jobs to suggesting materials you frequently use, it’s like having a business partner who remembers everything.

Nudges for Your Clients:

Automatic reminders for clients about their pending quotes or payments? Yes, please!


Wrapping this up, ServiceM8’s October 2023 update feels like someone sat down, took a good look at the challenges small businesses face, and sprinkled some tech magic to make things easier. If you’re in the business world, this is an update worth exploring. As Gold Level partners, we can help you bring this technology to your day-to-day business. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have! You can sign up for an account here.

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