Securing Company Files

As the CEO, CTO, or IT professional within a company, let me as you one question: "Is your company data secure?" Naturally, the answer is "Yes" and then a short pause, followed by "Well, I'm not sure." In a digital world bombarded with malicious activity, we should all take more measure to ensure the security of company (and even personal) data. 

I want to offer you two solutions who stand out as leaders. The first is Dropbox for Business. Dropbox for Business is different than the standard Dropbox account you get for free from While the personal plan is great for storing personal files and photos, Dropbox for Business is focused on collaborating within your company or organization while not sacrificing security. With the personal Dropbox, individuals own the files, while with Dropbox for Business, the organization owns the files.

Dropbox for Business has several features to protect your company. First, they have a 120-day retention history. If for some reason you're hit with Ransomware, then you can easily recover an earlier version of the file without spending thousands to "unlock" your files while erasing and restoring your on-premise server. 

Secondly, Dropbox for Business has a feature called Remote Wipe. Remote Wipe allows you to send a signal to any device that is logged into the company Dropbox account and wipe the device of company-owned files. This is especially helpful with lost or stolen devices. With a few clicks, you can ensure your company files are safe.

Lastly, the Standard plan (the lowest Dropbox for Business plan) offers a whopping 2 terabytes of storage. For most people, this is more than enough space. And with features like Smart Sync, you never have to worry about running out of cloud storage space or using up space on your computer!

The second solution I would like to discuss is Trend Micro Worry-Free Services. With Trend Micro, you have access to a single dashboard to install and monitor not only your entire lineup of computers, but you can also deploy Trend Micro inside your Office 365 or Google Apps email environment and Dropbox for Business. Trend Micro, using cutting-edge technology, will monitor your emails and files for malicious content, isolate them for review, and thus prevent devious data from ever entering your internal company network!

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Published: Feb. 12, 2018 | Updated: Feb. 13, 2018