Free Monitoring Service

For several years, the primary focus of MIS was to provide local IT support to clients. When we made the shift to deploying cloud solutions, we continued to support local clients through a host of different tools. While we "bundled" several tools into a paid service, today we are releasing one of those tools for FREE, and this tool serves one singular purpose - reporting!

Often in the companies, computers give warnings far in advance to an actual catastrophe, like a failed hard drive or fried motherboard. My monitoring solution does not alter a computer in any way but merely reads the data it's outputting and reports it to me. For this release, we've taken it a step further. We have built-in automation to send you weekly emails if your computer(s) are reporting any issues. 

If you would like to signup for an account and begin allowing us to monitor your computers, please click this link, fill out the form, and we will email you links for the installer files. You can also find detailed information about exactly what we're monitoring.

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Published: Feb. 27, 2018 | Updated: Feb. 27, 2018